We delight in providing your pet with all natural shampoos enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts to nourish the skin and coat and our line of medicated shampoos, sprays and treatments.  TROPICLEAN, AIMABLE PET SHAMPOO, SPA BY TROPICLEAN and OXY-MED product lines.



Bailey’s Skin Rescue is a special combination of tea tree, lavender essential oils and acidophilus in a botanical cream base which also includes soybean sterols, sunflower seed oil, oat kernel flour, vitamin E, vitamin A, lecithin, keratin and collagen amino acids.



The Eazee features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth; no sharp edges tha can scratch
you or your pet. It is gentler due to its unique design and easier to use. Eazee Brush is easier to use and more effective.
With two reverisble combs, it is designed for daily grooming of thin or thick hair.

New stylish design in six vibrant colours. Safer, Gentler, Easier to Use, More Effective. As Eazee as 1-2-3!


It does not matter if it’s a dog or a cat. With long or short hair, the FURBLISS® brush will pamper and comfort your furry friend in several ways. This cleaning and massage brush will deliver a balanced combination of efficiency and comfort.



The all-natural insect repellent for dogs and cats, is topical, safe to use around humans (especially children), and not only keeps Ticks and Fleas off animals, but has great success with most of the other biting insects people are concerned with.



RIVERSIDE PET PRODUCTS: a Natural Food Supplement that:

Eliminates fleas and ticks naturally, and is a natural anti-oxidant .  Is safe for all pets and does not affect humans or the environment

There is no risk of overdosing your animal and it is not necessary to give more than what is indicated for it to work.



Features / Benefits

For People and Animals
No human contact with tick
Helps reduce risk of diseases
Physician & Veterinarian endorsed
Removes crawling or attached ticks
Independently University lab tested
Simple & easy to use. No guesswork

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