FleeZeez Holistic Blend supplement is an all natural liquid, which when added to your dog’s drinking water or food, is ingested and goes to work internally.

When it enters the pet’s system, it produces an enzyme which shields the protein the female needs to lay eggs. Not able to find what she is looking for she exits the animal in search of another host to feed on. If she does not draw blood every 20 to 24 hours she will die. The male doesn’t bite, and having nothing to fertilize leaves the animal also. This breaks the reproductive cycle.

Works on all blood feeders. Includes over 200 vitamins, minerals and enzymes so it not only gets rid of external nuances, it also is a super food supplement which makes the pet healthy, and conditions the fur and skin.

It has been documented, that scratching stops, hair grows back and fur becomes full and thick. Ingredients: vinegar, garlic, citrus and herbs.   Made in Canada.