The Original Crinkle Ball Creates A Crinkly Sound Cat's Simply Can't Resist

All time favorite cat toy: the Glitter pom poms and Tinsel pom poms

The Original Crinkleball was the very first item CanCor developed. After rave reviews a whole product line based on the Crinkle Ball was launched. The CrinkleBall line is an all time favourite among customers. CanCor now has many innovative and new cat products available to you.

At CanCor we focus on quality, durability and cats enjoyment. There are no glued on part and our toys will NOT fall apart like some others on the market.

Beware of Crinkle Ball imitations.  All Products Made in Canada.



Glittering to Catch your Cats Attention

Cats absolutely love these light weight, but dense Glitter Pom Poms. They are saturated in catnip grown in Canada. These new Glitter pom poms are designed for cats!

The Glitter Pom Poms are made out of stretch nylon which has thousands of fine fibers and secured tightly in the center so the tinsel can't come out. These Glitter pom poms, are the best glitter pom pom on the market.




Tantalizer 24"

Playing with your cat is a wonderful bonding experience, and has never been so fun. Even if your cat doesn’t play with other toys, they go totally crazy over this durable cat toy. It is sure to please.

The Original Crinkle Ball is attached to a 24 inch rod with a 24 inch bungee cord, so you can teazzz your cat for hours.




Faux Fur Crinkle Mouse (Catnip Scented)

Once you squeeze the crinkle ball you will have your cats attention. They will stair at the crinkle ball ready to pounce and attack the fun filled cat toy!




Shimmer Wand - Fun New Interactive Cat Toy

The New Shimmer Wand is the perfect way to entertain cats of all ages. The same acetate (food grade) crinkle film used in our popular crinkle balls are now attached to the end of a 16 inch stick.

Watch cats go wild and bat for the strands of shimmering, crinkling fun! The price is right for this interactive cat toy.