Maritime Pet Supplies carries the following cat products:


Crinkle Ball: Original, Mini, Jumbo
Crinkle Ball (Red & White): Small, Medium
Crinkle Dumbbell
Crinkle Ball: Faux Fur

Glow Pom: Mini
Glow in the Dark PomPom

Tantalizer 24

Pom Pom Babies

The Shimmer Wand

Small Fur Mice



Revolutionary, formulated technology to bring complete odor control to the litter box with its super absorbent cat litter. This technology utilizes a natural by-product of the lumber industry, Southern Pine, and pelletizes the product for maximum performance. The pellets in Feline Fresh™ will absorb four times more moisture than traditional litters, delivering instant odor control to the litter box. Feline Fresh™ naturally inhibits bacteria growth and leaves the litter box with a clean, fresh scent.

The premium pine pellets are compact, creating ease of use for both you and your cat. Feline Fresh™ is free of silica dust, non-tracking, 100% pure pine, non-toxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested.



  • High quality, natural absorbent. Its quality is undeniable.
  • The only concentrated absorbent available on the market.
  • A 4 kg bag is equivalent to a 20 kg bag of any traditional litter product.
  • No danger for cat's eyes and nose irritation, because it's 100% dust free.


There is a simple science to why we chose to make cat litter from 100% wheat. When the wheat is ground, the manufacturing process exposes starch and enzymes that contribute to the sWheatness of our product. The 100% biodegradable wheat enzymes neutralize the odor while the starch helps with clumping. So, with wheat, we have managed to make life better for cats, people and the planet.