SPUNKY PUP FRUIT & VEGGIES are unique dog toys that not only come in various sizes, colours and shapes but each one is scientifically engineered to provide a different interactive playtime experience.  MPS carries Apple, Banana, Pear, Carrot, Green Bean and Kiwi varieties.



 Spunky Pup Fetch & Glow Ball will glow in the dark and also floats. It is durable and made out of non-toxic and recyclable material. MPS carries Fetch & Glow: lg. med., small (2pk), along with Flash & Glow.





Furry Friends Squeakers




 Squeaking Plush From Outer Space! - 3 Layers with Alien Flex™ Gnaw Guard Protection

MPS carries Regular Size and Mini Plush





 100% Alien Flex™ Candy Scented Rubber - Cleans Teeth and Gums






 For Aggressive Chewers, Super Tough, Holds Treats